Baptism Expenses

Someone asked me how much I spent in total for Y’s baptism last Sunday. In my opinion, it was a pretty good celebration, simple but we had a good time (except for the church incident). I knew we made the right choices, especially in the reception’s venue. Here’s a basic rundown of the expenses we made for the baptism.

Church – The baptism took place in St. Mary’s Parish, Buhangin, Davao City. We had to pay P150 for the baptismal fee and P20/ each for the godmothers and godfathers. Then, we had to buy the baptismal cloth, which costs P40, and candles, which they sold for P10/ 3 pieces.

Total cost: P510

Inside the church

Reception – After the baptism, we went to Grand Menseng Hotel for the reception. I was initially wary of going to a hotel for a reception because I thought it would be costly. However, we inquired and found out their rates are the same as other buffet restaurants. They charge P289/person, which includes a free round of drinks. They currently have a promo, too. For every eight person, one person is free of charge! Great!

Total cost: P4,335

One of our tables

Baptismal outfit – I refuse to have my son baptized wearing an itchy Barong Tagalog. It may look good, but I worry about my son’s eczema flaring. The grandparents hunted for a cute outfit and made me buy the perfect one. It’s a tuxedo romper from Doomagic, which costs P595. We also bought a pair of lace-up brown shoes from Zara Baby. I think it’s an overrun pair because it only costs P450. We bought all of these at a baby store in Gaisano Mall, Just One Year.

Total cost: P1,045

THE outfit

Giveaways – Finally, a Filipino event is not complete without giveaways. I didn’t like the idea of giving away figurines or little baby bottles because the guests won’t be able to use them. I decided to give away chocolates. We were supposed to order a batch of chocolate lollipops but we ran out of time. So we decided to play with words and bought cheap chocolates and lollipops. We then wrapped them in blue paper and tulle, and made “Thank You” cards. Voila!

Total cost: A little over P300

One of the giveaways with a monkey card

Taking everything into consideration, the grand total of expenses is just P6,190, or a little over P6,000. It proves that you can have a good celebration without having to burn a hole into your pocket haha. I hope I was able to help those who are planning for a special occasion!


Having a newborn is not love at first sight!

I just found out that my good friend, G, is having a boy. I’m stoked to find out that we will both have baby boys; Y is going to have a playmate for sure!

After that brief conversation with her, I reminisced the first months of having Y. Believe me; it was NOT love at first sight. You should consider that I didn’t see him immediately after I gave birth for two reasons. One reason is that I gave birth via CS operation. The second reason is that he had to be examined for almost a week because he ate his meconium — or poop.

Yes, I wasn’t kidding when I said it was not love at first sight. Television advertises these months as months full of love, where you see the parents looking dreamily at their newborn baby when she sleeps. No way, Jose! During those months, I barely had enough time to brush my teeth, let alone look dreamily at Y.

It wasn’t love at first sight. I breathe a sigh of relief when he sleeps because that means I could finally have my lunch — at 4pm. Breastfeeding was not my friend because it really hurt at first. For more than two months, sleep means a three-hour stretch at night with occasional feedings in between. And if Y had his way, that means no sleep at all.

It wasn’t love at first sight. If it was, I wouldn’t spend most nights crying with Y. When he cries, I feel so helpless that I could only cry with him. As they say, if you can’t beat them, join them. I can joke about it now, but I really, honestly never felt as worse then. What made the experience even harder was the fact that Y’s father was not with me — another story for another day.

It wasn’t love at first sight. The income that you once thought was more than enough suddenly couldn’t last for another week. You have to buy diapers (a ton!), baby clothes, and if you’re formula-feeding, pricey formula milk. As a breastfeeding mom, I didn’t escape the expenses, too, as I needed to buy a breast pump and bottles. And what would eat the remainder of your income are the never-ending vaccinations and trips to the doctor.

It wasn’t love at first sight. During the early months, Y was a terribly colicky baby. Don’t be fooled; colic doesn’t mean gas. It won’t go away when you burp the baby a million times each day. It won’t go when you use specially-designed bottles that cost a fortune. It will only go away when the baby’s body decides to. And I just couldn’t wait until it’s over.

Thankfully, it went away when Y turned 4 months old. These days, he only cries when he’s hungry, sleepy, or bored — the usual culprits. This post is not meant to scare my friend or any new or future moms who might be reading this. This is supposed to give them a reality check and prepare them for the real deal. Having a newborn is not all coos and cuddles; in fact, those will barely happen. It’s a time that will test your strength and patience as a mother, as a wife, and as a woman.

Yes, it wasn’t love at first sight. However, relationships that go with love at first sight barely last. The best relationships are those with patient courting. By the time I finally fell in love with Y, I fell hard. And I know I’ll never love anyone as much as I love this poop machine.

Y’s Baptism

Y officially became “Christian” last Sunday, September 9. I placed “Christian” within quotation marks because I don’t really believe one becomes a Christian by being baptized as a baby. Babies don’t have any idea what it means to be a Christian. I believe that babies are born children of God and should be brought up by their parents as one. When they understand what it means to be a real Christian, that’s the time they should be baptized.

But because I’m living with my Catholic parents in their house, I abide to their desire, and their desire is for Y to be baptized as a baby. I figure there’s no harm in doing that, so I blew a portion of my salary for the celebration. No regrets because Y was such a dapper young man!

Here are a few photos from the event:

Y’s outfit for the day (Tuxedo rompers from Doomagic and shoes from Zara Baby)

One of the thank you cards for the guests

The priest pours water on Y’s forehead

Group shot with the ninongs and ninangs

Second group shot

Mama, Papa, and sister, C, at the reception (Grand Menseng Hotel)

Y with the yaya, checking out his gifts

Y fell asleep shortly before we went home. My sister and I had so much fun opening the gifts. Thank you, everyone!

Remind me again why a bully like you is “serving” in Church?

I apologize for the negative post title. Y have just been baptized yesterday and I’m supposed to create a post full of pictures from the happy event, but I just have to blow off steam first. I joked about this situation many times yesterday, but being called “liar” in front of many people by a person whom you do not know really hurt.

We were told that the seminar is at 9:30am and the actual baptism starts at 11am. Knowing the effects of the sun on baby’s skin, we naturally decided to only bring Y to the church right before baptism. My sister and I got there before 9:30, but we were told that the seminar would only start after the mass ends. The mass has just begun, so we waited for more than an hour for the said seminar.

To make the long story short, we were told to enter church at around 10:30 and I texted my mother to go to the church already. By the way, the church’s just 5-10 minutes from our house. I was surprised to see everyone taking seats; it turns out they would be baptizing 26 babies! Anyway, the seminar started with my baby-less entourage taking seats at the last pew.

This old man, around 50-60 years old, asked me where my baby is. I told him that they’re already on the way. He began to raise his voice and asked me why I didn’t bring the baby along with me when we were told that the baptism starts at 10:30. This is how our conversation went.

Me: Ang sabi po sa amin 11 pa magsisimula. (They told us the baptism would start at 11.)

Him: Sinong nagsabi sa inyo na 11? Alam ng lahat dito na 10:30. (Who told you it’d start at 11? Everyone knows it’s 10:30.)

Me: Hindi ko po alam kasi lolo at lola ng baby ang umasikaso. (I don’t know because the baby’s grandparents took care of the church requirements.)

Him: Taga-dito ka? Saang GKK ka? (Do you live here? To whhat GKK do you belong?)

*GKK is a Catholic church organization.

Me: Dito po pero hindi ko po alam anong GKK namin. (Yes, I live here, but I don’t know the name of the GKK.)

Him: Taga-dito ka? Bakit di mo alam? (Why don’t you know?)

ME: Hindi po kasi ako talaga nakatira dito — (I don’t really live here –)

What I meant here is that though my family lived in the place, I mostly stayed in my college dormitory and never really “lived” there. But he didn’t let me finish. He actually pointed his finger at me and said:

Him: Sabi mo taga-dito ka?Sinungaling! (I thought you lived here? Liar!)

Really, sir? You knew me for a total of 2 minutes, and you’re calling me a liar? Take note that this entire conversation happened in front of many people, inside the church, in fact. I was really stressed because my mother is not answering her phone, but he kept on attacking me, making me seem like an incompetent person.

Sir, I maintained my poise and never disrespected you. I assured you that the baby was already on the way. It didn’t even matter because the baptism isn’t starting yet. But you pointed at me with your hypocritical finger and called me “LIAR,” even though I didn’t lie at all.

And you know what? When I told my mother about it, she said we really don’t have a GKK. So there was no error on my part.

Later last night, I told J what happened. He said he wouldn’t have let it happen if he was there. I think that’s the problem. He saw that I was young and unmarried, an easy prey for his bullying tactics, the same bullying that happened inside the church. And yet he wears his spotless church uniform with pride.

Sir, if you are miserable and have a problem, don’t take it out on me. I don’t know you and with what you did, I don’t find a reason why I should. Remember what Jesus said in Matthew 5:5 – Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth.

For a church servant, one would have expected a godly character from you. Take a look at yourself. Do you embody God? Do you actually think God would do something like that?

I’ll remember you, sir, and I pray nobody would be bullied by you anymore.