Hey, there!

I haven’t been to the administrator panel of this blog for more than more than six months now. That’s because I already moved to Blogger, and last September, I purchased my own domain: www.davaomommy.com

So why am I making a new post now, after all those changes? Well, for the past few days, I noticed an “influx” of new followers. Please note that this influx refers to less than five people. Hah! But seriously, I’m wondering why. I don’t even check my WordPress account anymore!

If you followed me or if you want to, I’ll appreciate it deeply if you take time to check and follow my new blog instead, www.davaomommy.com. That’s where I blog now, and you won’t be disappointed since I blog very regularly; I live in it.

Thank you! And see you there! 🙂


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