Baptism Expenses

Someone asked me how much I spent in total for Y’s baptism last Sunday. In my opinion, it was a pretty good celebration, simple but we had a good time (except for the church incident). I knew we made the right choices, especially in the reception’s venue. Here’s a basic rundown of the expenses we made for the baptism.

Church – The baptism took place in St. Mary’s Parish, Buhangin, Davao City. We had to pay P150 for the baptismal fee and P20/ each for the godmothers and godfathers. Then, we had to buy the baptismal cloth, which costs P40, and candles, which they sold for P10/ 3 pieces.

Total cost: P510

Inside the church

Reception – After the baptism, we went to Grand Menseng Hotel for the reception. I was initially wary of going to a hotel for a reception because I thought it would be costly. However, we inquired and found out their rates are the same as other buffet restaurants. They charge P289/person, which includes a free round of drinks. They currently have a promo, too. For every eight person, one person is free of charge! Great!

Total cost: P4,335

One of our tables

Baptismal outfit – I refuse to have my son baptized wearing an itchy Barong Tagalog. It may look good, but I worry about my son’s eczema flaring. The grandparents hunted for a cute outfit and made me buy the perfect one. It’s a tuxedo romper from Doomagic, which costs P595. We also bought a pair of lace-up brown shoes from Zara Baby. I think it’s an overrun pair because it only costs P450. We bought all of these at a baby store in Gaisano Mall, Just One Year.

Total cost: P1,045

THE outfit

Giveaways – Finally, a Filipino event is not complete without giveaways. I didn’t like the idea of giving away figurines or little baby bottles because the guests won’t be able to use them. I decided to give away chocolates. We were supposed to order a batch of chocolate lollipops but we ran out of time. So we decided to play with words and bought cheap chocolates and lollipops. We then wrapped them in blue paper and tulle, and made “Thank You” cards. Voila!

Total cost: A little over P300

One of the giveaways with a monkey card

Taking everything into consideration, the grand total of expenses is just P6,190, or a little over P6,000. It proves that you can have a good celebration without having to burn a hole into your pocket haha. I hope I was able to help those who are planning for a special occasion!


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