Y’s Baptism

Y officially became “Christian” last Sunday, September 9. I placed “Christian” within quotation marks because I don’t really believe one becomes a Christian by being baptized as a baby. Babies don’t have any idea what it means to be a Christian. I believe that babies are born children of God and should be brought up by their parents as one. When they understand what it means to be a real Christian, that’s the time they should be baptized.

But because I’m living with my Catholic parents in their house, I abide to their desire, and their desire is for Y to be baptized as a baby. I figure there’s no harm in doing that, so I blew a portion of my salary for the celebration. No regrets because Y was such a dapper young man!

Here are a few photos from the event:

Y’s outfit for the day (Tuxedo rompers from Doomagic and shoes from Zara Baby)

One of the thank you cards for the guests

The priest pours water on Y’s forehead

Group shot with the ninongs and ninangs

Second group shot

Mama, Papa, and sister, C, at the reception (Grand Menseng Hotel)

Y with the yaya, checking out his gifts

Y fell asleep shortly before we went home. My sister and I had so much fun opening the gifts. Thank you, everyone!


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