Products for Baby Y

While fixing my room and Y’s corner of the house, I decided to take photos of the products that I use for Y. These are not baby skin products, such as lotion and whatsoever. These are better. These are cleaning products – my current obsession. Please, please, please don’t find me boring!

Anyway, here are photos of Y’s cleaning products:

The previously featured Cradle Toy and Surface Cleaner

Before, when I was ignorant, I blindly used Lysol to disinfect my bedroom, which also serves as Y’s bedroom. Then, I discovered Cradle Toy and Surface Cleaner. I love this product because its ingredients are all natural and safe for babies who keep on putting everything to their mouths. 🙂 It’s also so easy to use. I just spray this over his crib, our bed, his toys, and his shoes, etc. Then, I wipe them with a clean piece of cloth.

A 500-ml bottle of this sells for a little over P200 in Gaisano Mall.

Smart Steps Bottle Cleanser

I use this to wash Y’s bottles and my Pigeon pump. The instruction says to soak the bottles, nipples, and pump parts in a solution of water and the cleanser for 30 minutes. Then, rinse each object and sterilize them. I also used this before to launder Y’s mittens, which he always sucked. By the way, it smells like bubble gum.

I forgot how much this costs but I think I bought this 400-ml bottle plus a 250-ml refill for only around P170. 🙂

Cycles Mild Laundry Detergent

I actually use Smart Steps baby detergent because it’s cheaper. However, it’s only available in Gaisano Mall’s department store and I was already in the grocery, and you know how things go. I got Cycles baby detergent instead. I don’t know how it smells because Y’s yaya just used it this morning.

This pack has three 100-gram sachets, and costs P82. On the other hand, Smart Steps 450-gram pack just costs around P70.

Smart Steps Baby Detergent and Fabric Softener

I got Smart Steps samples for free at the grocery. I got two because I’m a patron haha. I don’t know how much the fabric softener costs because I never bought one. I don’t think you need to use fabric softener for baby’s clothes. A little amount of detergent and water would do fine.

Nursy Baby Wipes

Before, I ignorantly bought Pigeon cloth-like baby wipes that cost around P250. Then, I realized how many wipes you need to use in a single poop session. Sure, the Pigeon baby wipes were very gentle to the skin, but so are other brands. Now, I just choose the cheaper ones, as long as they don’t irritate Y’s bum.

Nursy wipes pack of 90 costs around P80.

Johnson’s Baby Messy Times

My dad’s always bugging me about Y’s hands because he keeps on touching everything and then sucks his hands. So I picked up a small packet of Johnson’s Messy Times wipes for hands and face. OC Lolo is happy. I think I will buy a bigger pack when Y starts to eat solids. I’m not sure, though, if that’s practical.

Johnson’s Baby Messy Times wipes pack of 20 costs P33.

I hope I was able to somehow help future moms out there. No, this is not a sponsored post. How I wish this is one! 🙂


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