On savings and finances

Last night, J and I discussed finances. I realized that even though I am earning well, my income is less than my expenses. You know that rule of living below your means? I clearly don’t follow that, but I should. J reminded me of all the things I bought this month, and there was a lot.

M: Most of them were for Y and the only thing I bought for myself was a diaper bag.

J: And a laptop.

M: But I need that!

J: And tickets to ___.

M: But that’s a gift to my family. (sigh)

Nevertheless, some of those expenses could have been avoided, like those cute Carter’s rompers and Children’s Place shoes. J told me that I really should cut down on my unnecessary spending. We need to start saving now, because what would Y need cute clothes for if there’s nothing saved for his education?

It was a rather dismal financial report.



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