Secret dream

There is, again, no essay to review, so while waiting for an essay to appear in the queue, I’m browsing the web. I’m actually looking for suppliers of baby things. Why? Because I have this crazy dream of opening up my own baby store. I don’t mean an online store; I mean an actual, physical shop that I can man.

The store will be set up like a nursery: one for boys and one for girls. A crib will be set in one corner with a chest containing toys. These toys the children can play with when they visit the shop. Closets will house baby clothes of all shapes and sizes, and drawers will contain diapering accessories. Shoes will be lined up in bottom shelves.

Blue romper

Pink layette for baby girl

Tiny Love Touch & Discover Baby Book

Mommies can also buy stuff for themselves, such as breastfeeding clothes and covers and beautiful diaper bags. Because the owner is a breastfeeding advocate, there is also a breastfeeding room with rental breast pumps.

As I said, there will be some toys that children can actually play with while their moms look for something to buy. A play corner will be set up, complete with puzzle mats, choo-choo trains, baby dolls, you know the works. For older toddlers, there will also be books piled on a little shelf. I don’t think there would be television, though.

If I can only scan the drawing I have made of this dream store, I would do so. But I am too lazy to connect my laptop to a scanner, so we should content ourselves with different mental images.

I’m crossing my fingers, hoping I can have this store before I turn 30.


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