Y’s wish list

After I gave birth, I was on an unofficial house arrest. During that time, I discovered the art of online shopping. Who knew shopping for babies could be SO MUCH FUN? I always find myself checking baby items on online shopping sites like Multiply and Zalora. Before I knew it, I became a doting mom to Y. I haven’t even bought anything for myself yet! All my money goes to Y!

And because he turns 5 months old today, I’m posting a list of the things I wish I could afford Y would have.


Esensya Sailor Romper from Zalora (The astronaut can be a sailor, too!)

Name It Kids UVA NB Denim Pants from Zalora


Mothercare Prewalker Shoes from Choochoo Baby

Zara Baby Prewalker Shoes from Choochoo Baby

Guess® Prewalker Shoes from Choochoo Baby

And because he’s given the go-signal by his pedia to start on solids (wee!):

Munchkin Fresh Food Feeder from Zalora

Tommee Tippee Weaning Bowl from Zalora

Tommee Tippee Twin Set Spoon from Zalora

Finally, who could resist this?

Tetropack MUSTACHIFIER from Zalora

Unfortunately, Y doesn’t do pacifiers. He makes a funny face and spits it out. But as the Mustachifier states, we’ll keep calm and cool and just wait for the sponsors. *wink*


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