Yaya Woes: The Case of the Missing Slippers

I’m so thankful for having Honey, Y’s yaya, in the house. She’s fond of Y and she takes care of him well. I need her to stay because without her, I can’t work at all. And frankly, I also need her to take care of Y because as much as I love Y, I think I need to preserve the remaining of my sanity by having a little me-time.

However, I noticed that she’s too fond of using my slippers. She uses them all the time: when she buys shampoo at the sari-sari store, when she goes to the playground with Y, when she plays volleyball with my sister. All the freaking time. It didn’t bother me as long as she takes good care of them. It’s not because of the brand; it’s because the slippers have sentimental value. Chos.

Anyway, last Saturday, she was going home to her province. We would drop her off at the bus terminal because we were also going to Abreeza. Before leaving the house, she told me that she had already cleaned the slippers because she planned to wear them home. To my shock, I said I plan to wear the slippers, too, even though I didn’t actually plan on wearing them. Without question, she fetched her own shoes and off we went.

The next day, she returned home because she forgot to bring the bag that she was supposed to return to her friend. She hurriedly fetched the bag and off she went again. Later that afternoon, I went out to order water from the neighbor. (We don’t have potable water.) I couldn’t find my slippers. I went everywhere to look but they just weren’t there.

I had to go out wearing pambahay and a pair of top-siders.

I texted Honey if she used my slippers. She said yes, she’s wearing them, and apologized for not asking for my permission. I didn’t reply because I didn’t know what to say.

She’s been back for three days now, returned the slippers (in good condition, thank God), but I still didn’t mention a word about the incident. Because I don’t know what to say. Seriously, what do you say to someone who “borrows” your things without permission?


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