2011 Christmas Wishlist

It’s so cold today!  Feel na feel na ang Christmas.  I wish we had the same weather last Saturday when we had our group practice for our Christmas party presentation. That’s another story, but speaking of wishes, here’s my little grownup Christmas list:

1. Kindle Fire

I want one. I NEED one. It retails for $199 on Amazon, but have to pay a little extra (P11,000) since we’re living in the tropics. It can store up to 18 million movies, TV shows, songs, magazines and books. You can have access to thousands of popular apps and games on the Amazon Appstore. Move over, iPad2!

2. Digital Camera

I don’t have to have a DSLR; I just need to have a proper camera (and put my Samsung phone to picture-taking rest). Of course, I would be glad to have a pink Samsung PL120 Digital Camera Dual View for narcissistic purposes. It only costs around P5,000 on Ebay.ph. I hope my mom buys me one *crossed fingers.*

3. Extra Phone

My Sun cellular sim has been on my side table for the looongest time and I’m dying to use it already to save on loading expenses. My Samsung B3410 is Smart-locked and I’m reluctant to have it open-lined. Also, I’m not a fan of postpaid lines since I’m too lazy to pay monthly bills. The solution? A cheapo phone that does the job, like a red Nokia X1-01, which just costs a little below P2,000.

4. Air Conditioner

I’d like to think that my own air conditioning unit is not just a want, but a need, especially with a baby coming next summer. I can’t let the bean sweat and be infested with rashes. No, my Promac electric fan just won’t do. I have to get my own A/C and be prepared to pay the bill *shudders.* For my small room, I think a 1-HP air conditioner, such as this Samsung window-type, will do. It costs around P12,000 – 15,000 so I hope my mom lets me borrow some money. I’ll pay it back, promise!

5. Flip flops

I usually don’t wear flip flops anymore but I used to wear them A LOT back in college (we didn’t have a dress code – sorry!). However, all of my Havaianas flip flops are now missing, and I think I’ll be needing one this summer – especially during my 6-week maternity leave. Come on, it’s just around P900 a pair; I think I’m going to buy one before the month ends. I hope I can find this one, though:

(That’s all I could think of as of now. I can’t wish for anything for the baby yet since its kasarian is still di-tiyak!)


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