Office Rant – The New Girl

Disclaimer: Not happy thoughts

Ugh. I hate the new girl.

I already decided I don’t like her even before she started working in the office. Who would like a girl who writes with grammar like this?

“I already had the job that i wanted i worked there for 2 years,the problem was that my growth was really slow,i think passion is not the key to success,its the way people show their passion for work,because even if your passionate about your job,if the people in higher places does not sees it your gonna be stuck in the bottom with the career that you are passionate about…”

She wrote that as a comment on our company blog as part of her application. What the heck was that? That’s not wrong grammar – that’s not grammar at all.

To my surprise, she was accepted in my company. I can’t do anything about it, but her grammar and work performance really reek. And that’s not it. To add to her interesting character, she has an ATTITUDE. And I’m experiencing it first hand. UGH!

See, our wonderful office has decided to make some of us from different shifts share desks. That means one can have the desk during the day and another one can have it during the night. I’m working in the day shift and she’s in the night shift (which would have been the perfect setup). However, as luck would have it, she’s been transferred to MY desk. She’s only been using it for a few days but she’s acting as if she owns everything. She rearranged my stuff on my desk. SHE REARRANGED MY STUFF ON MY DESK!!! They’re not yours! Why would you touch them??? Why would you even dare think of rearranging them?

And another thing. The pioneer team – which includes me – has mobile drawers. I guess the office ran out of budget since the next batches don’t have mobile drawers of their own yet. But I have mine. Normally, I allow my other office mates to place their things inside my drawer. But this new girl, without even asking for my permission, stuffed her UGLY jacket and her UGLY pillow into my drawer. The drawer’s now so full you can’t even close it properly! Worse? I have to get my own PERSONAL things from MY drawer since they (she and my other office mate) already claimed all the storage space!

I’m so pissed. I used to lock my drawer (when I was still the only one using it), but stopped doing so since I thought nobody else opens it anyway but me. But now that’s not the case. SO MANY SQUATTERS! I’m seriously contemplating to lock my drawer again.Why? Because it’s mine! Doesn’t the name on it mean anything at all???

I’m really so pissed. She replaced my own headphones with hers and didn’t bother to place it back. The arrangement of the IP phone, the keyboard, and the mouse is messed up. I think she even used my hand wipes! She hid my mug to make way for her mirror. And she’s not even pretty!

Girl, have you ever heard of the saying “Umasal lamang nang ayon sa ganda?” Put that to practice, girl!


2 thoughts on “Office Rant – The New Girl

    • Wala na, nagkagubot na sa office because of her. Char, gubot jud? Strong words. Ginapanindigan jud niya iyang right sa AKONG mobile. MALDITA KAAYO SYAAAA!!!

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